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We help kids, tweens, teens, adults & their parents – heal, grow, & reconnect with each other while creating a self-defined life worth living.

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Inclusive Environment

We provide gender affirming, inclusive therapy to LGBTQIA+ folks and people from all backgrounds
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Treatment That Works

Our therapists are highly trained and use treatment methods backed by science & proven to help

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In-Person & Virtual

Our team provides online therapy across Pennsylvania and in-person therapy in Philadelphia
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It's time to start thriving again

When you feel lost or without direction, when you are in pain or struggling to cope – we can help you take the steps towards feeling re-empowered.

Daisy + Co. Therapy offers a clear path to healing for adults, teens, parents and kids on their journey to creating a full and meaningful life.

We help people find “better” one step at a time.

daisy + co. therapy

our therapy services

We “therapize” kids, pre-teens, teens, adults and parents in Center City, Philadelphia and Across Pennsylvania.

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therapy for teens

Help your teens heal  

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therapy for kids

Help your kids feel ok in the world

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therapy for adults

Reconnect with a life worth living

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therapy for parents

 Learn skills to help improve your relationship with your teen or child

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group therapy

Learn skills and connect with others

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workshop & events

Coming soon!

daisy + co. therapy

additional areas of focus

Who We Are

why work with daisy + co. therapy

Lauren Levy, Licensed Professional Counselor, Founder & Clinical Director at Daisy + Co. Therapy in Philadelphia. Works with individuals, parents, LGBTQ+, teens, and adults

Lauren Levy, LPC, NCC


Licensed Professional Counselor
Founder & Clinical Director

We are ready to help you heal and we have what it takes to get you there. Our therapists are:

Radically Genuine

We’re real people who value genuine connections. We recognize the vital need for qualified support, all while maintaining a down-to-earth approach that keeps our interactions relatable and approachable.


We embrace an open-minded philosophy, encouraging both clients and therapists to explore unique perspectives and foster personal growth through whatever pathways feel authentic, aligned, and meaningful to them.


We believe that play and exploration are crucial for learning more about ourselves, including adults! A receptive approach to self-discovery and connecting with others is woven into our work, often leading to unexpected, positive outcomes.
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We are ready when you are!

Daisy + co. therapy

Match With A Therapist

Our Approach

How to get started

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Reach out to schedule a free 20 min consultation call with our Intake Coordinator to share what has led you here and what you are hoping to work on with us.

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If our Intake Coordinator thinks we have a perfect match therapist for you at the end of your consultation call, they will schedule {you} an intake session with one of ou recommended therapists.
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If, after completing your intake session with your selected therapist, they still feel like a great match, you will work together to develop goals for treatment and discuss next steps on your road to healing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Session fees differ by therapist. The fee ranges below are for individual therapy sessions which are 45 mins in length.

  • Licensed Therapists: $180-200 USD
  • Pre-Licensed Therapists: $170 USD
  • Pre-Licensed Psychologists: $200 USD, $250 for 90 min sessions (only applicable when certain treatment methods are being utilized)


Please see our team’s bios for their individual rates.

Absolutely not! Our services extend beyond the confines of Philadelphia. Thanks to the wonders of technology, all of our clinicians are equipped to provide virtual therapy sessions to individuals throughout Pennsylvania. This means that even if you reside in rural areas, you can still access the support you need from the comfort of your own space. Additionally, some of our therapists are licensed to provide therapy in Florida, Delaware, and other states. Please contact us for more information.

We are not in-network with any insurance companies.

This is to ensure we can provide you and your loved ones with the high-quality care you deserve without interference and limitations being imposed by insurance companies. Despite this, many of our clients receive reimbursement for some (or all) of our session fees by submitting superbills to their insurance companies on a monthly basis.

The superbill will notify your insurance company of the payments you have made for our services and based on your insurance plan, you may be eligible for a portion (or all) of the fee back. We provide all of our clients with insurance bills on a monthly basis for this reason. 

Additional questions about getting reimbursement for our services? We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider directly as coverage and reimbursement rates differ from plan to plan.

At Daisy + Co. Therapy, we strive to provide exceptional care while respecting the time of both our clients and therapists. Should you need to adjust your appointment, please notify us a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled session time. You have the option to contact your therapist directly or make changes through your Simple Practice Client Portal. Appointments cancelled or missed within the 24-hour window will be subject to the full session fee.

If you are aged 14 or older, Pennsylvania law allows you to consent to your own mental health treatment without requiring the knowledge or consent of a parent or guardian. This allows you to seek the support you need, even if you prefer to keep your treatment journey private. If you’re 14 or older and find yourself in need of services while facing barriers due to parental involvement, please reach out to our Intake Coordinator. We’re here to discuss potential options for support that might be available for you.

Participating in court cases of any kind beyond providing a generic letter confirming you or your child’s participation in services with us is outside our scope of practice. If you are looking for a mental health professional to support you or testify on your behalf during a court case, we can provide you with support outside of our center.

Navigating challenges while dealing with chaos is undoubtedly tough. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are unique. If you believe that your current situation doesn’t allow for immediate focus on treatment, it’s important to honor your limits. However, if you’re open to exploring small steps toward change, even amidst chaos, we’re here to help. Our experienced therapists can guide you through strategies to initiate positive shifts in your life, even in the midst of challenging times. Reach out to learn more about how we can provide support tailored to your circumstances.

Absolutely! We are always looking to expand our team with passionate individuals. If you’re a licensed therapist interested in joining the team please reach out to us at hello@daisyandcotherapy.com.

Still have questions?

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Who We Are

why work with daisy + co. therapy

We are ready to help you heal and we have what it takes to get you there. Our therapists are:

Radically Genuine

We are real people who do not take ourselves too seriously but also do not ignore the obvious need to provide qualified help to the kids, teens, and adults who want to build a connection that heals.


We believe that play and exploration, even (especially) as adults, is an essential part of reconnecting to ourselves and our individual truths. Being open minded allows for growth in ways we never dreamed.


We get to know our clients through a genuine curiosity to understand them better and connect with them on their level. By asking the right questions, we can uncover answers that help you better understand yourself and the world around you. 

Contact Us

get started

If you’re looking for an appointment, to get matched with a great fit therapist, or to schedule a free consultation with Daisy + Co. Therapy, reach out! You can submit an inquiry via our contact form, call or text us, or use the buttons below to book directly online.


Currently, Daisy + Co. Therapy does NOT have any therapists who accept insurance as payment for sessions. The one exception to this is for folks with Lyra Health benefits through their employer. Click the icon below for more information.

As an out-of-network provider, we've partnered with Mentaya to simplify reimbursement for your therapy sessions if you have insurance coverage that is eligible for this benefit.

To check how much you will get back for your Daisy + Co. therapy sessions if you start working with one of our therapists, use this benefits tracker provided by Mentaya:


The whole process takes less than a minute and all you need on hand is your insurance member ID.

If you have questions about this, reach out to us-We’re here to help! 😊

Kids, teens. adults, artists, activists, and parents

Daisy + Co. Therapy

Uncover your path forward to a self defined life worth living.

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