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Parent Support

We provide therapy to help you reestablish and rebuild your relationship with your child.

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Gain the tools and strategies you need to best support your kid.
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Heal past hurts and close the gap between you, your kid, and other family members.
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Understand how to best parent and co-parent for your child.

you want to know your kid is going to be ok.

You’ve always imagined a future where they thrive and achieve wonderful things but it can feel like you’re navigating uncharted territory without a compass.

Childhood and the teenage years are periods of significant change. Your child is understanding who they are, what they like, and who they want to be. Whether it’s their identity, their emotions, or their relationships, there’s a whole lot of “figuring out” that happens.


daisy + co. therapy

What is Parent Support?

Parent support is a lifeline for those navigating the turbulent waters of raising a child or teen. It equips you with skills, insights and support you need to navigate the challenges that don’t always have a simple answer.
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Learn strategies to help you stay calm and collected, even when your kid is pushing all your buttons.

We’ll help you understand why they do what they do, especially when it’s confusing or worrying.

Tackle that overwhelming feeling when everything seems too much to handle on your own.

Therapy can help ease nagging thoughts about whether things will ever get better.

Find ways to feel close again with your partner and family, even when it feels like you’re on different planets.

Learn strategies for those times when it feels like things are sliding downhill again.

Deal with the emotions that occur as a result of parenting being different than you thought it would be.

Get tips on how to work with your child’s school and tackle those school avoidance battles.

We’ll show you how to set up routines and expectations that actually work for your kid.

Learn how to stop overworking and accommodating your child’s needs so you can get balance back in your life.

Stop walking on eggshells!

Book a free consultation to see if therapy may be helpful for you.

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If you are:

we can help you find clarity and peace.

Who We Are

why work with daisy + co. therapy

Lauren Levy, Licensed Professional Counselor, Founder & Clinical Director at Daisy + Co. Therapy in Philadelphia. Works with individuals, parents, LGBTQ+, teens, and adults

Lauren Levy, LPC, NCC


Licensed Professional Counselor
Founder & Clinical Director

We are ready to help you heal and we have what it takes to get you there. Our therapists are:

Radically Genuine

We’re real people who value genuine connections. We recognize the vital need for qualified support, all while maintaining a down-to-earth approach that keeps our interactions relatable and approachable.


We embrace an open-minded philosophy, encouraging both clients and therapists to explore unique perspectives and foster personal growth through whatever pathways feel authentic, aligned, and meaningful to them.


We believe that play and exploration are crucial for learning more about ourselves, including adults! A receptive approach to self-discovery and connecting with others is woven into our work, often leading to unexpected, positive outcomes.

Daisy + co. therapy

Match With A Therapist

Our Approach

how parent support works

We create a welcoming environment for your teen to express themselves freely.

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we connect with you

Our first session is used to assess your needs as a parent and as a family in order to identify targets for change.

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we work with you

We work together to increase your confidence and skillfulness in tending to your kid’s unique needs
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we continue to support you

As you begin to change patterns and implement new strategies, we support you every step of the way.

daisy + co. therapy

What you can expect

We can’t guarantee any specific results or timeline to achieve them, but over time you may be able to anticipate a range of positive outcomes that reflect both emotional and physical progress, such as:

Better understand your kid and feel confident in supporting them!

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frequently asked questions

Questions about parent support

What you are going through is tough but knowing how to help your kid when they are expressing high-risk urges like suicide or self-harm can help both you and your child. We are experts in navigating these issues, and we are here to teach you what we know so you can start feeling re-empowered to: Manage their ups and downs; have someone to turn to when you are feeling stuck; and work to heal your own mental health.

Parent support incorporates aspects of traditional therapy, but the main focus is typically on helping you rebuild your relationship with your child. This enhances your ability to show up as a parent in the most helpful way possible, especially when things are tough (and when they are going well!) We love parents who are already “doing their work”. Parent support sessions are a great supplement to give you focused attention on shaping behaviors with your child and ensuring that you feel equipped to manage the daily struggles as they arise.

In our first few meetings, we will take a deep dive into what is going on, what is
working, and what still needs adjusting. Together, we will build a plan to tackle
each issue individually. We’ll prioritize targets, focusing on what needs to change
first. You’ll received tolls and build skills that will help you navigate these issues
most effectively. The goal is to teach you what to do so you know the “formula” to
turn to when something goes awry at home. You will gain confidence in knowing
how to handle crises and everyday ups and downs while fostering a strong
relationship with them.

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If you’re looking for an appointment, to get matched with a great fit therapist, or to schedule a free consultation with Daisy + Co. Therapy, reach out! You can submit an inquiry via our contact form, call or text us, or use the buttons below to book directly online.


Currently, Daisy + Co. Therapy does NOT have any therapists who accept insurance as payment for sessions. The one exception to this is for folks with Lyra Health benefits through their employer. Click the icon below for more information.

As an out-of-network provider, we've partnered with Mentaya to simplify reimbursement for your therapy sessions if you have insurance coverage that is eligible for this benefit.

To check how much you will get back for your Daisy + Co. therapy sessions if you start working with one of our therapists, use this benefits tracker provided by Mentaya:


The whole process takes less than a minute and all you need on hand is your insurance member ID.

If you have questions about this, reach out to us-We’re here to help! 😊

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Daisy + Co. Therapy

Get the support you need to help you and your child.
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